Why Work With Us

Easy API Integration

Automate your transactions with just a single API integration into your business for a smooth
and continuous payments experience.

Real-time Payment Reports

Strategize your finances and constantly evaluate your business goals with real-time
payment confirmation reports and same-day payments for your customers.

Data Integrity and Secure Transactions

We stay ahead of time by constantly adopting the latest technologies for financial markets to
protect your data, payments, and privacy.

Growing Array of Partners

We are continuously growing our partnerships with financial institutions to unlock new
possibilities as your business ventures into new global markets.

Single Partner, Efficient Support

Say goodbye to operational and administrative inefficiencies that come with working with
multiple partners in cross-border payments.

A Trusted Payments Network

Apart from working with globally trusted payments institutions, we are a licensed Ghanaian
company compliant with the Companies Act, 2019 (Act 992).

Our Global Partners

Big Pay

Global Payments Made Simple, Fast, and Secure